John P. Girard  MD is one of only several approved physicians allowed to recommend

Medical Marijuana & High CBD products in the State of Florida.    

Now Accepting New Clients!!

​​Ages: Pediatrics to Geriatrics. 1 y/o and beyond.

Accepted Medical Conditions:

1- Chronic Pain  ( Spinal Pain - Joint Pain -Arthritis - Neuropathy - Muscle Pain)

2- Drug Addiction​ & Detoxification

3A-Cancer Treatments

​3B-Chemotherapy Treatment side effects. (nausea-vomiting poor appetite-weight loss-muscle wasting)

​4-Eplipsy & Chronic Seizures Disorders

​5-Parkinson's - Multiple Sclerosis - ALS - Strokes

​6-Gastro-Intestional Disorders

( Crohn's Disease - Ulcerative Colitis - IBD - IBS )


8-Glaucoma - Diabetes - Alzheimers - Dementia

9-PTSD - Autism - Child Neurological Disorders

10-Depression - Anxiety (moderate - severe)

11-Fibromyalgia -Muscle Spasms - RSD - Rheumatoid

​12-​Any Medical Condition that is determined by the doctor to have a beneficial effect with the use of Medical Cannabis.

*Any medical condition that will benefit from Cannabis treatment; of the same kind or class as or comparable to those enumerated, and for which a physician believes that the medical use of marijuana would likely outweigh the potential health risks for a patient.*

1-Low-THC Cannabis: ​ Has very low amounts of the psychoactive ingredient THC and does not usually produce the “high” commonly associated with cannabis.
High THC Cannabis: Reserved for patients that require the added effect not derived from CBD alone.   

 The combination of THC & CBD produce an entourage effect or an effect that is greater than either CBD or THC used alone. The entourage effect is not seen with synthetic analogues.


   Applications are in Great Demand.

The Florida Senate bill 8-A (SB8-A) was signed by Governor Scott on June 23,2017.


   You will require a medical history & evaluation with supporting documentation from your treating physician. Upon approval, your information will be forwarded to the state for your registration number.

Your registration # will be required for your final application submission and medical marijuana card. This process is the responsibility of the individual requesting the card.

 After receipt of your card you will have a follow up evaluation to discuss recommendations for medical marijuana including dosage, routes of administration and quantity. 

(Guidelines by the state are strictly enforced.)

​Review State Site at:


Pain Management with pain medications are also available to qualified clients.

The synergy with Pain Medication and Stem Cell Platelet Rich Plasma  (PRP) Injection Therapy will help control pain and repair your injuries

The Center of Excellence in Pain Management

​​  Medical Marijuana Doctor - John P. Girard MD (Medical Director) is a State Certified and Registered  Physician approved to evaluate your medical condition and Recommend

Medical Marijuana.

Ages Treated: Pediatrics to Geriatrics.  Clients are not advised to STOP their current medications or their physician treatment plans and follow up visits.   

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