1- Chronic Pain relieved with Medical Marijuana Treatment. "No opiates required" .

*Alternative Chronic Pain Treatments are discussed at www.1BocaPain.com*

2- Pain Pill Dependency-Addiction

3- Chemotherapy Side Effects: Nausea-Vomiting-Poor Appetite-Weight Loss.

4- Crohn's Disease

5- Ulcerative Colitis.

6- IBD & IBS  (Adbominal & Pelvic Pain)

7- Epilepsy - Seizure Disorders- Parkinsonism - Multiple Sclerosis- ALS


9- Depression & Anxiety

10- Autism - Alzheimer's - Dementia

11- Glaucoma

12- HIV & AIDS

13- Arthritis - Fibromyalgia - Muscle Spasms - RSD - Rheumatoid Diseases

14-Migrains-Headaches - Body Pains

 Any medical condition that is determined by the doctor to have a beneficial effect with the use of Medical Marijuana.

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The Treatable Conditions with Medical Marijuana.

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The combined use of THC and CBD offer clients an effect Greater than each used separately.

It is call the Entourage Effect.


Medical Marijuana Treatment in Boca Raton.

 Canna Care MD.

Approved Treatments with Cannabis.