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​* All clients heal differently. You may require a series of treatments. The internal damage done will determine your rate of success. Stem Cell Therapy is your Best Choice. Surgery is your last choice.


John P. Girard MD ​is our distinguish Medical Director for our South Florida

Canna Care MD division.

He provides VIP Care to all his clients. The perception of Pain is variable in each person.

It is not dependent on your size or weight. Dr. Girard evaluates every client and discusses options of care to diminish your pain. He will suggest when appropriate - in office - State of the Art treatments that involve New Injectable Pain Relief Stem Cells. These therapies not only control pain, they also Regenerate collagen, tissue, muscle, tendons, cartilage, and fat. This simple procedure is an injection of Stem Cells or Platelet Rich Plasma PRP derived from your blood. It is the same yellowish serum found oozing from a cut on your skin. You have observed the external healing process on your skin. This natural process is harnessed by Specialist John Girard MD to Rejuvenate internal injured joints; Lower Back, Knees, Elbows, Shoulders or Feet/Ankles.

Our clients are looking for a non-surgical approach to Pain Care. Many are on opiates and want to stop due to their side effects. Others get by with a brace, cane or walker to support their ability to walk. Unfortunately Pain persists and limit movement. They may have had a cortisone injection that reduces swelling but it does NOT  repair the injury. Their Pain returns in days or weeks. Surgery is then advised.

​Now ALL clients have another choice before surgery is planned. Stem Cell Therapy has eliminated the need for surgery in most of our clients. A simple injection and you are on your way to a Painless recovery.


Heal your Joints/Injuries with Stem Cell Injections.


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